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Saints and Sinners

The Original (Sin) Snake - Greed

Fancy Dugong

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The Original (Sin) Snake - Greed
The Original (Sin) Snake - Greed
The Original (Sin) Snake - Greed

Greed snake in deep greens, golds, whites and blacks with resin hook, leaf, fish and boot charms, and a mix of handcut and painted pleather and Australian leather charms: a deep magenta-pink leather fig leaf, a shiny leather golden apple, a white pleather greedy eye, and a navy leather devil. 

The hook, leaf, fish and boot represent greed of sea and land resources, attitude of 'ownership' over life and 'stuff'. The fig leaf represents the fall from grace, a golden apple as a symbol of temptation, a greedy eye, and of course a little devil because we're talking about sins here, people!

Australian napa leather charms are made using ethically raised and treated animals. Pleather is also included for the eye charm.

Note that while the body of the snakes and leather pieces will be consistent with the photo, each Sin Snake will have its own 'DNA' - resin charms are made from resin leftovers and will vary with colour (but not shape). The photos with this listing are indicative only as examples of what the final pieces can look like. Sizes will not vary.

Each Sin Snake will be made bespoke to order, in consultation with you, leaving you safe in the knowledge that what you're wearing is made for you with thought and care and minimised wastage and NO ONE will have the exact same pair!!

Due to the custom-made properties of these pieces, the assembly process of these is as follows:

  1. Within 24 hours of your order: the Fancy Dugong will email you with a few possible combinations of resin charms to go with the snakes for your confirmation
  2. Within 3 three business days of your confirmation: the Fancy Dugong will ship your earrings to you using your preferred service (normal or express shipping)

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