About Our Store

Hey! Hello!

My name is Jules and I am the one-woman band behind Fancy Dugong.

I'm an earring enthusiast / addict who lives by the 'go big or don't bother' philosophy. Life is too short to blend into the background... right?! Everyone should be free to wear whatever gives them that 'yes' feeling!

I take inspiration from the natural world and its most sublime creatures and features. I aim to honour them by creating jazzical tr-ear-sures for us all to wear!

All pieces are designed, hand mixed, hand poured, pigmented (using custom colour blends that I perfect in-house), assembled and sent to you, by me.

I hope you enjoy browsing and please contact me if you have any questions or requests!

Much love,


*Aside: Obviously a chameleon is NOT one of my spirit animals (though they're super cool and now I come to think of it, they're on the list for future projects!)