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Dillenia a-lot-uh

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We have been waiting for something like 8 years (!) to bring these to life, after a quietly emosh experience seeing a Dillenia alata tree (also known as a red beech) in Cooktown.

The most alluring red papery flaky bark (that starts out pale golden red and darkens with age), gorgeous red fruity bits and yellow flowers, this is a truly magical source of inspo for an earring. We hope you think the result is as enchanting!

Gold leaf suspended in creamy semi-opaque browns and golds, finished off with a lovely gold filled etched bark and a bright red flower-looking seed pod ;)

Like all FD pieces, these are a jumbo, but super light-weight, earring - coming in at less than 6g each (i.e. less than a two dollar coin!) so you're very likely to forget you're wearing them... until the next compliment ;) !

Width: 40mm (at widest point)

Length: 92mm (at longest point)

Stainless steel posts, comfort grips.

We have done our very best to represent these as accurately as possible, but due to the variability of how different screens show colour, these earrings might look slightly different in real life / under different lights than pictured.

As these are all poured and assembled by hand, the slow way, each pair is slightly different, but all are close to the image used. No one else will have quite the same pair as you! Tiny imperfections add to the charm, life and uniqueness of each piece, as they do to each of us. :) 

Please be aware that the brown components of these pieces, on account of containing gold leaf, can feel a bit bumpy on the back of the earring. This doesn't affect how it wears, or comfort. We just wanted you to be aware!