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Shout Me - Purple

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These jumbo two-disc drops are a juicy vivid NEON violet, with pinkish-red undertones. These super special purple-violet pieces glow a eye popping dark purple in the dark and an even brighter NEON purple in UV light - so you can be a stealthy "I'm wearing one of the rarest glow in the dark colours available" by day and a legit head-turning magical unicorn of a beauty at night (scroll through for a photo of the GLOW).

(Note: these don't glow as strongly or as long as the other offerings, simply because our eyes aren't as sensitive to this wavelength of light as they are to yellow and green, which is right in the middle of the rainbow for a good reason! :) Isn't science fabulous?! )

We can't take any responsibility for any distracted stares, double takes, or comments about how awesome these are ;) 

As with all our pieces: they're very light, you'll likely forget you're wearing them.

For an indication of size / proportions when being worn, see image.

Stainless steel posts, comfort grips.

We have done our very best to represent these as accurately as possible, but due to the variability of how different screens show colour, these earrings might look slightly different in real life / under different lights than pictured. Note that these look a bit darker and a bit more purple-violet in real life compared to the photos here.

As these are all made by hand, the slow way, each pair is slightly different, but all are close to the image used. No one else will have quite the same pair as you! Tiny imperfections add to the charm, life and uniqueness of each piece, as they do to each of us. :) 

These also come in:

(Note: each pair of Shout Me earrings comes with a complementary teeny UV key-ring torch so you can charge them up to see them glow-glow-glow!)