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The Original Dugong (large)

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Large 75mm by 35mm

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The Original Dugong (large option). Deep blue splotches, iridescent aqua glitter, and tones of blues and silvers and greens with the occasional splotches of white sea foam on their tails. Their bellies will glow in the dark (an unusual aqua blue shade - not your typical yellow-green glow tones!) and they will also glow a bit in UV light. The large can hang by the head or the tail - you choose!

They're very light, you'll forget you're wearing them! 

Stainless steel posts, comfort grips.

We have done our very best to represent these as accurately as possible, but due to the variability of how different screens show colour, these earrings might look slightly different in real life / under different lights than pictured.

As these are all made by hand, each pair is slightly different, but all are very close to the image used. No one else will have quite the same pair as you! 

Each pair is lovingly made by hand - the slow way. Tiny imperfections add to the charm, life and uniqueness of each dugong, as they do to each of us. :) 

Note these come in three variants; this listing is for variants 1 and 2 ONLY:

1) Large - Length: 75mm Width: 35mm (at widest point); hanging by the head.

2) Large - Length: 75mm Width: 35mm (at widest point); hanging by the tail.

3) Small - Length: 70mm Width: 30mm (at widest point); hanging by the head. (click the link to see these)